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Rain, Rain Go Away

Posted by TestOut Staff on

Here’s something that you don’t always find yourself thinking in summer, when the air is muggy and you spend a great deal of time searching for that perfect blend of light clothing, cool refreshments and air conditioning: When is it ever going to stop raining so that I can get on with the day and go about my business? You can control a lot of things in life, and arranging your surroundings to your liking is often simply a matter of making a few small tweaks. Even in 2017, however, we still can’t control the weather.

Playin' in the rain

The IT Insights Blog, or at least this particular contribution thereunto, is coming to you from the road this week, from a particular neighborhood of the American Southwest where it’s typically sunny and hot for weeks at a time in summer. As a matter of fact, a weather report for the region on Monday morning predicted that no rain would be forthcoming, possibly until September or October. So of course on Monday afternoon, the skies clouded up and rain began to fall. And has been falling ever since.

It’s just another reminder that, for all the benefits of technology to our daily lives and the world around us, life sometimes still just unfolds however it unfolds. Instead of “fixing” things, we just have to adapt to changing conditions. The same is true for a lot of workers in 2017. Global workplaces are changing, and jobs that have been in the hands of human laborers for generations are suddenly disappearing. Like the lyric from Bruce Springsteen’s “My Hometown” tells it, “Foreman says these jobs are going boys / And they ain’t comin’ back.”

A lot of workers these days, whether or not they had hoped or planned that such would ever be the case, are having to adapt to changing conditions. In that regard, switching to a career in information technology (IT) can be a lifesaver. Even IT jobs are changing, but not nearly as many of them are simply going away. Working with technology is one of the few workplace skills that seems more or less guaranteed to have a future, even as the world keeps changing all around.

That’s one area where TestOut Continuing Education can help many workers confront a challenging transition. Our PC Pro, Network Pro, and Security Pro training can provide a rock-solid foundation for displaced workers to build the next phase of their careers. PC Pro can prepare career switchers to work in the essential realm of computer maintenance and repair, Network Pro can connect them to the fast-growing world of the Internet of Everything, and Security Pro can help anyone get grounded in the critical information security field.

Into every life a little rain must fall, as the saying goes. Most workers can no longer plan to do and be one thing for the entire span of their time in the global workplace, and change may come swiftly and unexpectedly. If storms are gathering on your professional horizon, come to TestOut CE and let us help you adapt to changing conditions.

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