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Rally to the Alley

Posted by TestOut Staff on

As the old saying goes, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. And nobody likes a dull boy. Maybe more to the point, a dull boy — or girl — probably doesn't get nearly as much work done as someone who's a little bit fresher and livelier. If you can figure out ways for your work team to get regular breaks from whatever their routine is, then those same employees are likely to be more invested and energetic when it's "back to the grind" time.

One of the things that happens every year at TestOut and adds a dash of variety to the work schedule that everyone gradually becomes accustomed to is TestOut Bowl. Every March (this year's event happened earlier today), the entire company carpools over to Jack and Jill Lanes in nearby Lehi, Utah, and everyone becomes wholly rollers for a couple of hours. Bad bowling puns and good bowling form abound, and there's a general explosion of good times and company spirit.

Employees are divided up into departmental teams, so there's (relatively) fierce competition to claim the golden shoe traveling trophy that goes to the best department. There's also a golden pin traveling trophy for the highest scoring individual bowler, and various other prizes and recognitions. The first-time participant with the best score is the Rookie of the Year, and there's even a consolation prize for the poor schmoe with the worst individual score.

There's lot of good food and plenty of both team (everyone rolling in the same lane) and individual photos. People who don't normally work together get to see and speak with each other, and almost everyone has at least one conversation that boils down to explaining why their bowling form is so bad. The most common rationale is usually a sentence that includes some form of the sentiment, "This is the only time I go bowling all year."

A good time is had by all. You don't have to know much about bowling to occasionally hit a good throw, after all, and it's always nice to knock off work for a couple of hours and enjoy good food and conversation with coworkers. If you work somewhere that doesn't occasionally get everyone together for good times and merriment, then be the trailblazer at your company and start a tradition. Your coworkers (and even the boss) will thank you.

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