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Remember Network Pro 5.0

Posted by TestOut Staff on

Tomorrow is March 6, a date that will live in infamy. Not because President Franklin D. Roosevelt said that it would. Roosevelt said that about Dec. 7, the day on which, in 1941, Japanese pilots bombed Pearl Harbor, killing 2,403 Americans and dealing massive damage to the U.S. Pacific Fleet. The carnage and destruction led the United States to enter World War II on the side of the Allies.

The Alamo

The events of March 6 are less well remembered today, or at least less well-connected to a date on the calendar in the minds of the common U.S. citizen. March 6 is the day on which, in 1836, a Mexican force numbering close to 1,500 decisively overwhelmed the American defenders of the Alamo Mission near San Antonio de Béxar, leaving hundreds of "Texian" soldiers dead.

The Battle of the Alamo led more or less directly to the expulsion of Mexican soldiers and officials from the next newly minted Republic of Texas. At the decisive Battle of San Jacinto the following month, Texian soldiers cried, "Remember the Alamo!" Today, Texas is America's second largest state, both by area (second to Alaska) and in terms of population (second to California).

Every revolution needs a spark. The Texas Revolution only lasted seven months, but it might have fallen apart altogether if not for the shining example set by the resolve and courage of the defenders of the Alamo. Anyone who has ever been stuck in a professional rut, wasting away at a dead-end job, knows that sometimes a major spark is needed to get things moving forward once more.

IT training and certification might be the spark that you've been needing to change course, reskill, and get a more fulfilling job with a better salary and benefits. That's why March 6 could be an important date in the course of your personal and professional revolution: Tomorrow morning, TestOut will release Network Pro 5.0, the newest version of our Network Pro courseware.

Network Pro training can help you get not one, but two IT certifications: the popular Network+ credential offered by CompTIA, and TestOut's own Network Pro credential. Yeah, the course and the certification have the same name — it's a little confusing. What's not confusing are the results: Network Pro training and certification will give you job-ready skills validated by two organizations.

So on March 6, take a moment to tip your coonskin cap to Davy Crockett, William Travis, Jim Bowie, and the other brave defenders of the Alamo. And then get subscribed to TestOut's newly revamped Network Pro courseware. It was just 47 days from the fall of the Alamo to the victory at San Jacinto. If you work hard, you could maybe even finish Network Pro 5.0 in 47 (or fewer) days!

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