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Remember the 300

Posted by TestOut Staff on

Once upon a long-forgotten time — well, mostly forgotten, at any rate; we couldn't tell you this story if nobody had ever remembered anything — a massive invading army of from Persia attempted to overwhelm a vastly outnumbered detachment of Greek soldiers at the coastal pass of Thermopylae. A company of about 1,000 Greeks, notably including 300 Spartans, held its ground against a Persian force more than 100 times as large for three full days of battle.

 It's good to be the king.

The story of that ultimately futile last stand — the Persians eventually left without conquering Greece, but advanced triumphant from Thermopylae — has been told and retold for going on three millennia. King Leonidas of Sparta, who commanded the Greeks at Thermopylae and actually ordered the retreat of several thousand soldiers before staying behind to die providing cover, is a figure almost as legendary as mythical heroes like Theseus and Perseus.

It's a pretty good story, even if most people familiar with the particulars only remember that Leonidas bore an uncanny resemblance to Scottish actor Gerard Butler and that Xerxes I of Persia was a bald, fey giant with weird face jewelry. And of course the number 300. Almost everyone remembers the 300, even though there were 700 other Greek soldiers, mostly from Thespiae, also present. (Those guys are still waiting around for someone to make a bad movie about them.)

The Spartans always get all the glory, however, and there were only 300 of them, so 300 it is. It's a nice round number that's easy to keep in your head and kind of rolls off the tongue. So remember the Spartans (and the dudes from Thespiae), but also remember that you can save $300, right now, when you take advantage of our Labor Day sale and purchase the TestOut Continuing Education Library Suite for just $595. That's even more exciting than a great battle!

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