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Remember Your Mother

Posted by TestOut Staff on

On Monday, we used the IT Insights Blog to share some thoughts about National Teacher Appreciation Week. This weekend, there will be a different outpouring of appreciation, or at least we hope there will be. Sunday is Mothers Day, and no matter how much you think you may have done to show appreciation for your mother, there's almost certainly more that you ought to do or say.

Good Moms Matter

Yeah, we know you love your mom, and maybe you even remember to call her once in a while. There's no amount of past respect and consideration, however, that gets you off the hook on Mothers Day, even if you think Mother's Day is just a high-level ploy to sell greeting cards, candy, and flowers. There's no point at which you can say, "Mom knows how I feel, I think I'm just going to sit this one out."

In the increasingly technology-driven world where we all live and work, it's easy to zero on in the relationship that you have with your computer, your tablet, or your phone, and just sort of tune out the faintly irritating noise of human interaction. There's an app for everything, and if you look hard enough, or maybe even not all that hard at all, you could probably even find one that will interface with Mom on your behalf.

On some level, we here at TestOut Continuing Education are probably even responsible, just a little bit. Our products are designed to help you be independent and self-sufficient in your pursuit of IT certification. You can essentially do a start-to-finish sprint from "just some person" to "certified professional" with just you, your computer, and an internet connection. Other people not required.

A wise man, however, once said, "A place is just a place, without people in its space." So if you shoot your mom a text this weekend, be sure it's just to find out whether she's going to be home when you drop by. Take some flowers, take her grandkids. Take a little time to stop and visit with the woman who made it possible for you to be here in the first place.

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