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Return of the Presidents Day Sale

Posted by TestOut Staff on

Technically there is no such holiday in the United States as "Presidents Day." The federal holiday that is observed on the third Monday of February each year is Washington's Birthday, as established by an Act of Congress in 1789. As a result of passage of the Uniform Monday Holiday Act in 1971, however, the Washington's Birthday holiday can never actually fall on Feb. 22, which most historians agree is the date, in 1732, that George Washington was actually born.

By George, what a savings!

We're only at a "most historians agree" level of consensus on that because the British Empire and its colonies were, at the time of Washington's birth, using the Julian calendar established by Julius Caesar. The Brits did not switch to the Gregorian calendar, established by Pope Gregory XIII in 1582, until 30 years later in 1752. The Julian calendar never accounted for leap days, and hence had lagged behind the more accurate Gregorian model over the centuries.

Got all of that? Now, according to the Julian calendar, the actual calendar under which George Washington was born, he was born on Feb. 11 — which is today! So it's fitting (if not precisely our express intention) that you can take advantage of our Presidents Day savings starting today. Just remember that, in strictly scientific point of fact, Washington was born on Feb. 22, there is no such U.S. holiday as President's Day, and the day that people get off from work (this year) is Feb. 18.

None of that is really important, however, because what's important is that you can get a fat discount on the cost of TestOut training from now through Feb. 18 (and probably for at least a day or so after that since we typically extend these things). And we mean a real whopper of a discount. In fact, it's one of our best prices of the year, and it's available right now. What are you waiting for? Get out your wallet, get the coupon code from the aforelinked page, and save big!

The code can be applied to your monthly subscription to any course we offer. And the discount is almost 95 percent off! If George Washington were alive today, he'd be crossing the Delaware right now to get that sweet price. On the actual Washington's Birthday holiday, you'll probably want to chop down a cherry tree, or visit Yorktown, so take action now, save big, and start certifying. Even Julius Caesar and Pope Gregory XIII would agree: This is a sale you can't afford to miss!

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