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Show Your Appreciation

Posted by TestOut Staff on

It's National Teacher Appreciation Week here in the United States this week. And frankly, even though there are so many weeks and days scattered around the calendar that's it hardly worth keeping track of them all, this is one that actually matters. It's hard to overstate the impact that a good teacher can have in shaping the course of a young learner's future.

Good Teachers Matter

Frankly, a good teacher probably has more influence in most children's lives than anyone else but a parent or grandparent. And teachers probably spend more time with most children than anyone else but a parent of grandparent. Even if all the teacher is doing is keeping kids safe and out of trouble between 8 a.m. and 3 p.m., that's a service that warrant enormous gratitude from all of us.

A few years ago, a retiring teacher cleaning out some old boxes found a story I'd written in the fourth grade. He put it an envelope with a kind note and sent it off to the address where my parents are still living. It's hard to imagine anyone else I've ever met taking the time to fondly remember something I'd done almost three decades before. (Other than, you know ... a parent or grandparent.)

Here at TestOut Continuing Education we do our best to help people learn and grow. We want to help everyone out there who has an interest in IT get the tools they need to start a new and rewarding career in one of the most important and fast-growing professions out there. We've got courseware that can teach you everything you need to know to succeed.

Even with everything that we offer, however, we're still probably not as cool as the A/V Club supervisor who showed you your first computer in middle school, or the business skills teacher who sat you down in front of a keyboard for the first time. Those are the real difference makers. If you still know who (and where) any of them are, then please take a moment this week to get in touch and say thanks.

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