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Show Your Appreciation for IT Professionals

Posted by TestOut Staff on

One of my “honey do” items this summer is organizing my home library. With more than 3,000 volumes, it’s not an easy task. Last night as I was dusting off some books, an empty bookcase caught my eye. Looking at it I remembered why I chose that particular style. It was sturdy, crisp and fit in with the general décor.


It’s strange how we don’t seem to notice bookcases until they’re empty. They are pretty much invisible when doing their job of keeping books in order and protecting them from damage. Bookcases are the unsung heroes of the book world, and absolutely essential to an organized library. Without them, books are disorganized and quickly get damaged. When Thomas Jefferson declared, “I cannot live without books,” he also meant bookcases.

There is another group of underappreciated individuals who play a role similar to bookcases in our modern world — IT professionals. These are the men and women who make our digital life possible by keeping us connected, informed and entertained (someone is watching all those cat videos). Like bookcases these IT pros constantly and quietly work behind the scenes maintaining and protecting our digital assets and capabilities. Sadly, it seems that we often only notice these professionals when something goes wrong with our devices.

It’s time to recognize the essential role these people play in our lives. In fact, this week CompTIA, the nonprofit association for the information technology industry, is issuing a thank you to IT pros around the world with IT Pro Appreciation Week!

During the week of July 25-29, CompTIA and its social media followers (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter are using the hashtag #WeLoveITPros to share the countless reasons why these folks are such valuable team members. 

Certified individuals from CompTIA’s A+ up to ISACA’s Certified Information Systems Manager play important roles in the $3.8 trillion global technology market. These individuals keep all our tech functioning smoothly, and repair it when necessary. Todd Thibodeaux, president and CEO, CompTIA, in a press release described IT pros as, “craftsmen and women of the highest order, dedicated to their profession, committed to helping others and capable of great innovation and thinking.”    

Without IT pros our electronic world would be impossible. They enable businesses and employees around the world to utilize technology in wondrous ways that make our lives easier and more comfortable.  They keep the lights on, the phones working and our networks secure.  

So take some time this week to thank an IT pro. Let them know you appreciate their efforts and contributions. Because, try as we might, we can’t escape their influence on our lives.

Chuck NorrisAbout the AuthorCalvin Harper is an associate editor for GoCertify and a veteran of the publishing industry. His favorite book that he owns is a signed first-edition of Weird Tales that contains the Conan story "Red Nails" by Robert E. Howard.

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