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Striving to Make IT Better in Florida

Posted by TestOut Staff on

Last week I knocked off a couple of items on my bucket list. I flew into Miami, Fla., drove to Fort Lauderdale, then all the way down to Key West (90 miles from Cuba), back up to Port St. Lucie, south to Miami, crossed the state to Naples, and then back to Miami. I drove through the Everglades three times! (I can’t believe Ponce de Leon walked this far.) It was basically the Mother of All Road Trips.

Noel Vallejo

    TestOut CEO Noel Vallejo speaks to students at Miami Lakes Technical Center.

I was in the Sunshine State on business, and riding shotgun was none other than TestOut’s founder and CEO, Noel Vallejo. We were there to visit schools and talk about our favorite subject, online IT training. We also availed ourselves of some excellent Cuban dishes at La Fragua Restaurante — I highly recommend it.

One school we visited was Miami Lakes Technical Center (MLTC) in Miami. Normally, I’m excited about my job. When I think of the more than 1 million students and professionals whose education and careers have been enhanced by our courseware, I feel proud of my small contribution. Watching Noel speak to the students took me to a whole other level. His enthusiasm for our mission is infectious! Apparently, the “Fountain of Youth” is loving what you do. 

Noel is 1,000 percent dedicated to providing the best courseware possible. One thing that helps make our training the best available is that we are constantly evaluating every aspect of our courses, and we work non-stop to make them even better.

The goal of our visit with MLTC was to get their input on our courses, to hear from them what they like and how we might improve. We even started an MLTC Student Advisory Committee. They will be seriously “kicking the tires” and “looking under the hood” of our products, and letting us know how we can do better. These young minds are the next generation of IT pros. They have a unique perspective and I know they’re going to come up with ideas that the TestOut crew hasn’t even considered.

Some companies are comfortable resting on their laurels, and hesitant to ask for input from customers. Not us! We are the industry leader for online labs for academia and IT professionals. That means we are King of the Hill! It’s good to be king, and we aim to stay that way.

The TestOut Team is always working towards the pinnacle of online training and customer service. So, if you’re one of our valued customers and you have suggestions on how we can improve the TestOut experience, drop us a line. Your input is appreciated and we are proud to serve you.

Travis WildeAbout the Author — Travis Wilde is the Southeast U.S. High School Account Manager for TestOut Corporation. He is a graduate of Utah Valley University and Brigham Young University. When not helping IT instructors, he loves spending time with his amazing wife, Sally, and their five children. Travis enjoys most everything his children do: baseball, Irish dancing, tennis, and flag football. When he has a minute for himself, he enjoys getting lost in a good book, cooking, or skiing. One of his most prized accomplishments is teaching his children to love winter sports — boys ski and girls snowboard!

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