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Strong Finish

Posted by TestOut Staff on

Seasons, at least for those of us who do not live at the equator, or in Antarctica, or atop the vast expanse of sea ice that blankets the Arctic Ocean, are an important part of life. For example, if summer never ended, then many of us would have extremely high utility bills from operating both the sprinkling system and the air conditioner throughout the entire year. Or, you know, maybe we'd just decide to be sweaty and miserable and let the lawn dry out and die.

Shades of autumn

In like fashion, what would it be like if winter just kept on keeping on? Maybe it would be like Game of Thrones, and ice zombies would descend from the far north and destroy us all. Or maybe we would have extremely high utility bills from operating both the furnace and the newfangled thing that heats up the driveway throughout the entire year. Maybe it would just seem like summer never really actually entirely went away, which is what winter was like around these parts last year.

We don't have to worry about those things — yet; fingers crossed that climate change really is a myth invented by hippies — because there are seasons, and changes in the relative outside temperature, and alterations in the lifecycles of various plants and insects. (Although, talk about your underrated concerns of global warming: What are we going to do when cockroaches can essentially live and breed anywhere on Earth, and flies never die when it freezes?!)

Saturday is the first day of autumn, at least on the calendar, at least here in the United States. And we like autumn. It's not as cold as winter, and not as hot as summer, and the leaves turn pretty colors, and we don't have to spend quite as much time mowing the lawn on the weekends. It's a time to harvest, and a time to revel in excess (Halloween, Thanksgiving, etc.), and a time to get the best deals on home electronics before Christmas.

It's also a fine time to hurry up and get something important done before the New Year. Remember all of those things that you said, back in January, you were going to accomplish in 2018? There's still time! Three whole months! Which is why you should take action now! Don't let the final quarter of the year just sort of drift past in a haze of sugar and tryptophan: 2019 will be all up in your grill before you know it. Start today and finish out 2018 at full steam!

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