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Change My Microchip

Posted by TestOut Staff on

Pass me that wrench

Almost exactly six years ago, British researchers announced the creation of the first crash-proof self-repairing computer. We know what you're thinking: A "self-repairing" computer could either manufacture or correctly identify needed replacement parts, remove failed hardware, and properly install new components. As often happens, however, the headlines announcing this groundbreaking scientific leap forward exaggerated the reality somewhat.

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The Circle of Certification Life

Posted by TestOut Staff on

The I-R-L Lion King

Once upon a time one might have supposed that flamboyant singer and songwriter Elton John, 71 and still not letting the sun go down on he, would someday be best-remembered, years after his death, for one of his soaring rock ballads: "Candle in the Wind," "Tiny Dancer," "Rocket Man." Then in 1994 the energetic performer and eyewear pioneer collaborated with Walt Disney Studios on an animated movie about animals roaming free on the African savannah and "Circle of Life" was born.

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