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IT Insights Blog — Decisions

Your Right to Cheese — er, Choose

Posted by TestOut Staff on

Does anybody not love nachos?

Here in the United States, TestOut Continuing Education's beloved land of origin, we are creeping up on the first Tuesday in November. That's Nov. 6, to be exact. This is a date of great import in 2018, an opportunity for citizens everywhere to participate in one of the most fulfilling rituals of our proud democracy. On Nov. 6, millions of Americans will head to the nearest microwave oven, or perhaps to Taco Bell or Del Taco, to scarf down a hearty serving of nachos.

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Can't Choose? Have IT All

Posted by TestOut Staff on

Make up your mind, Arie!

At last year's Academy Awards, the big scandal was that Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway announced the wrong Best Picture winner. At this year's big ceremony, held Sunday night, nothing even remotely similar happened to disrupt the proceedings. Well, at least we at the IT Insights blog are pretty sure that nothing happened. We, er, didn't exactly watch the show.

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