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IT Insights Blog — dining

Spam Magnet

Posted by TestOut Staff on

SPAM on a plate

Once upon a time in 1937, the Hormel Foods Corporation created a cooked lunch meat product sold in a distinctive tin can. The main ingredient is pork — originally pork shoulder, which was believed to be a less desirable cut of meat — along with ham (pork meat from the leg), salt, sugar, water, modified potato starch, and sodium nitrite. The brother-in-law of a Hormel Foods executive won a $100 cash prize for coining the distinctive moniker "spam," quickly trademarked as "SPAM."

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Hit the Suite Spot

Posted by TestOut Staff on

Belly up to the buffet.

Buffet-style dining doesn't always hit the spot. Sometimes you want just one thing and you know what it is. When you're in the mood for steak and potatoes, then it's not particularly helpful, and doesn't really enhance your experience in any way, to also have a nice cheesy lasagna, or a sumptuous green bean casserole available. You're only going to eat the steak and potatoes, so why pay for anything else?

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