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IT Insights Blog — foundation

From the Ground Up

Posted by TestOut Staff on

Transcona Grain Elevator

The Transcona Grain Elevator, built at Transcona in Canada's Manitoba province, is notorious in civil engineering circles for its near collapse in 1913. The structure's bin house — the part that includes the bins, or vertical cylinders (65 of them in this particular instance), where grain is stored — famously tilted 27 degrees to the west in a single day. This occurred shortly after the structure's initial opening, when it was filled with 875,000 bushels of grain.

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Good Foundations

Posted by TestOut Staff on

Kyle's house is growing.

Who doesn’t like spring? New life is everywhere. Flowers are blooming, days are longer, soccer season is underway (the under-13-year-old teams I coach are tanned, rested, and ready!), and my Warriors are, as usual, poised to win it all. Even my Los Angeles Angels look like they are going to be pennant contenders — thank you Shohei Ohtani!

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