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IT Insights Blog — inspiration

Space Jam

Posted by TestOut Support on

Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of Romulan ale.

There's (apparently) terror on the high seas! And we mean really high. Like, sky-high. Literally. Republican Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas sounded the alarm earlier this week during a special hearing of the Subcommittee on Aviation and Space to discuss "The Emerging Space Environment: Operational, Technical, and Policy Challenges." Good for the Senate for continuing to make space exploration a priority. Or, well, that's probably at least a priority for some.

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You're Never Too Old

Posted by TestOut Staff on

Finish what you started.

It would seem that most of the nation's moviegoers are still infatuated with the story of the big purple guy — I think Star Lord calls him "Grimace," in the movie — and the magic rocks. Avengers: Infinity War sold $62 million worth of tickets at North American theaters, roughly as much as the next eight movies combined. (The eighth of those 8 movies, incidentally, is Black Panther — still in the Top 10.)

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A Runner's Courage

Posted by TestOut Staff on

Run for your life!

Glenn Cunningham was just 8 years old, and his brother Floyd, 13, when they were caught in an explosion at their Kansas schoolhouse. Floyd was killed and Glenn’s lower body horribly burned. He lost all the flesh on his knees and shins, as well as all the toes on his left foot, and his transverse arch was almost entirely gone. The doctors, concerned with spreading infections, advised amputation of both legs.

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