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IT Insights Blog — Reading

Pick Your Path

Posted by TestOut Staff on

Your destiny awaits.

OK, show of hands: Who out there reading this post remembers those old Choose Your Own Adventure novels? There were 184 of them published between 1979 and 1998. The first in the series is The Cave of Time, written by Edward Packard, who pioneered the concept. There was a spinoff series for younger readers, and themed series for both Walt Disney and The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles.

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You Could Always Try Something Else Instead of Reading

Posted by TestOut Staff on

Too much reading can kill your certification drive in a hurry.

Lots of people like to do things "the old-fashioned way," and there's nothing wrong with that. Sometimes your forebears figured out the best way to get something done a long time ago, and there hasn't really ever been a good reason to change things up. Until further notice, the best way to make a peanut butter sandwich is to get two slices of bread, spread peanut butter on one and something else (jam, jelly, honey, ketchup, sweet-and-sour sauce) on the other, and slap them together. Eat and enjoy! On the other hand, it doesn't make a ton of sense, in 2016, to still be reading books as either your primary or exclusive approach to preparing for a certification exam. We can all agree that books are awesome. They just aren't the most awesome way, in our modern age, to get your certification study revved up and purring like a kitten.

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