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IT Insights Blog — Routing and Switching Pro

CCNA or Network+?

Posted by TestOut Staff on

Which is best for me?

Scrolling through online forums about certification has told me a lot about what is on the minds of people wanting to certify. Those starting down the certification path usually have the question of what certification will best help them achieve their career goals. In that vein of thinking, I’m going to tell you how to choose between the CompTIA Network+ certification and Cisco's CCNA certification.

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Keeping Pace with CCNA Certification Changes

Posted by TestOut Staff on

Burgers grow on trees

Updates and advancements abound in the realm of technology. A recent Business Insider article quoted Alphabet (Google) executive chairman Eric Schmidt saying there are six new technologies that will change the world. The list included fake meat (meat, that is, essentially grown as a vegetable from lab-engineered plants), 3D-printed buildings, virtual reality, smartphones in the medical world, self-driving cars, and machine learning in education. These advancements in technology prove the need for advancement in IT education and certification. As an IT certified professional, you might ask yourself, “How am I going keep pace with these advancements?” Well, Cisco is providing a way to stay ahead of the curve through course updates.

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