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IT Insights Blog — skills

IT Came from Beneath

Posted by TestOut Staff on

Old Faithful Geyser

Probably almost everyone who has ever been to Yellowstone National Park in (mostly) Wyoming knows about the Old Faithful Geyser. Millions of visitors have stood and waited for one of its frequent eruptions to spew boiling water more than 100 feet into the air. Old Faithful blows its stack at regular intervals of between 44 minutes and 2 hours, and has done so for decades. The carefully managed area around the geyser's mouth might be the most visited spot in the entire park.

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Classics Revisited, Part 3

Posted by TestOut Staff on

The Castle

The IT Inights blog is on the road until Aug. 20. Because we know how much you love us, however, we didn't just slip out the back door and leave you with nothing for an entire week. We're posting photos of some of the landscapes we'll be visiting, along with a link to a classic IT Insights blog post.

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