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IT Insights Blog — stress

To Rest or Not Rest

Posted by TestOut Staff on

On the bench

It's almost time for the NBA playoffs, and being that we have a lot of basketball fans around the office, we're typically dialed into the latest pro ball goings-on. There are still a handful of regular season games left to be played, but most of the first-round playoff matchups have already been determined. This being the case, teams have gotten even more out-in-the-open about sitting key players to let them rest up while their backups go through the motions of the last gasp of regular season play.

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Beware of Job Burnout

Posted by TestOut Staff on

Head of Steam

Winter is over! Here in the Northern Hemisphere, the spring equinox officially arrived on March 20. It is called the equinox because it is one of two days on which night and day are almost exactly the same length: 12 hours. It’s also a Latin word that literally means “equal night” (equi, equal; and nox, night).

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