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IT Insights Blog — superhero

Make Your Own IT Origin Story

Posted by TestOut Staff on

Biff! Pow!

It seems like there are comic book movies and comic book superheroes everywhere you turn these days. Five of the six highest-grossing movies to play in theaters in 2018 were superhero movies. (Incredibles 2, technically speaking, has no antecedent in comic books, but is 100 percent in the spirit of its archetypally ink-spawned fellow feature films.) There's a Best Picture Oscar-nominated comic book superhero movie. There are two such films in the running for Best Animated Feature.

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What's Your Origin Story?

Posted by TestOut Staff on

Super friends

Every superhero has an origin story: an event, or series of events, that led him or her to put on a costume and start saving the world. Steve Rogers was a scrawny youth who wanted to help Uncle Sam fight the Third Reich. Then he got recruited to a secret "super soldier" project, received a dose of experimental serum, and — blam! — Captain America. Bruce Banner was a researcher assisting in a test detonation of a "gamma bomb." Then exposure to massive amounts of radiation caused him to transform into a mysterious "hulk."

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