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Brain Scans and Certification

Posted by TestOut Staff on

Brain scan technology is rapidly advancing

We've spoken out here before about the damage done — both to IT certification as a whole and to individual careers — by exam candidates who cheat to pass a certification exam. Most people in certification can probably empathize with anyone experiencing the various stresses that cause people to resort to gimmicks and shortcuts to pass an exam. Yet because of the ripple effects of cheating, a certification cheater really is the proverbial bad apple that spoils the whole bunch.

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Study Smarter, Not Harder

Posted by TestOut Staff on

Mmm, chocolate

Final exams are upon us once again — or at least upon those of us attending an institution of higher learning — and stress levels are riding high. The familiar sweaty palms, tired eyes and fuzzy brains have returned to take their toll on your exam preparation. The anxiety before taking an exam is inevitable, but there are ways to combat it, and final steps to be taken to feel prepared.

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