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Deep Space 5 ... Dollars

Posted by TestOut Staff on

The Spirit in the Sky

Don't look now, but NASA just landed a spacecraft on Mars. Somehow, news of the landing broke Monday and Tuesday with (more or less) zero fanfare. Which is odd, considering that we just completed a successful process that involves flinging a spacecraft way up into the exosphere, piloting it across hundreds of millions of miles of deep space, and safely getting it down to surface, intact ...

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Truth Is (Whatever)

Posted by TestOut Staff on

Truth revealed!

There's an old 19th-century Christian hymn written by British-born immigrant historian John Jaques that attempts to frame the oft-thirsted-after concept of capital-T "truth." In Verse 1 of "Oh Say, What Is Truth?," Jaques declares that truth is the "fairest gem that the riches of worlds can produce," while in Verse 2 he acclaims it the "brightest prize to which mortals or gods can aspire."

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