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IT Insights Blog — Top Gun

Pedal to the Metal

Posted by TestOut Staff on

Danger Zone

Technology has made a lot of things simpler, more effective, and more efficient. There are many different ways that all of us benefit from ongoing advances in the functionality and versatility of smartphones, tablets, and laptop and desktop computers. When you reflect that the weight of some early computers was measured in tons, it's clear that there's been a great deal of progress.

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Feel the Need — The Need for Speed

Posted by TestOut Staff on

Mav and Goose

Round numbers almost always make people happy, so here's one to chew on: Exactly 30 years ago, Hollywood opened up a highway to the danger zone with the release of a little action movie about the elite training program for U.S. Naval Aviators. Not only that, but last year showbiz scuttlebutt emerged that the producer of Top Gun, the movie that turned Tom Cruise into a movie superstar, is ready to bring back that lovin' feeling. Top Gun 2 will not, apparently, be doing a flyby of the box office this year, but the movie is in development with producer Jerry Bruckheimer and star Cruise both aboard.

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