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IT Insights Blog — United States of America

The Big Head Count

Posted by TestOut Staff on

Census time is coming.

For a variety of reasons, human societies have long had an interest in gathering and analyzing data. Ancient Rome, during both its republican and imperial phases, used census data extensively. One of the first things that the United States did after concluding its war of independence from the British crown was to conduct a nationwide census. The parameters of the census were even written into the U.S. Constitution.

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Your Right to Cheese — er, Choose

Posted by TestOut Staff on

Does anybody not love nachos?

Here in the United States, TestOut Continuing Education's beloved land of origin, we are creeping up on the first Tuesday in November. That's Nov. 6, to be exact. This is a date of great import in 2018, an opportunity for citizens everywhere to participate in one of the most fulfilling rituals of our proud democracy. On Nov. 6, millions of Americans will head to the nearest microwave oven, or perhaps to Taco Bell or Del Taco, to scarf down a hearty serving of nachos.

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