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IT Insights Blog — wellness

Spring Forward Into a Nap

Posted by TestOut Staff on

Ancient Roman thinking about a nap

Humans have been aware of seasonal fluctuation in the number of sunshiny hours per day for thousands of years. The loved-by-some, hated-by-others timekeeping scheme that we now call daylight saving time (DST), however, is a relatively recent innovation. A New Zealand entomologist named George Hudson first proposed the modern DST regimen in 1895, and it gradually caught on with nations around the world (including the United States, in 1918) over the next few decades.

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Healthy Competition

Posted by TestOut Staff on

Strive to succeed!

To one degree or another, many of us are loners when it comes to working out at the gym, or going for a run in the morning before work, or hopping on a mountain bike to zoom up into the hills and chase the afternoon sun for a couple of hours. Some people need that time to unpack and process whatever has been weighing on their mind, while others may get lost in their headphones, and still others just prefer the rhythm of solitude.

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