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IT Insights Blog — Windows Server 2012

Get a Better Deal When You Bundle

Posted by TestOut Staff on

Fonz and Chachi, man to man

How do you take a good thing and make it better? Easy, add a couple other good things to it and drop the price a little! The idea of bundles goes back at least as far as the classic youth TV program Happy Days. Remember that time when Chachi needs a motorbike and a leather jacket for his big date with Joanie? At first he tries to borrow a jacket from Fonzie, who wants someone to wash his white t-shirts and socks every day for a week. Chachi decides that's too much to ask, but then the Fonz agrees to let Chachi also borrow his bike, throws in a special comb and says he'll wash his own socks. The best part of the deal is that Chachi and Ritchie trick Potsie into doing the Fonz's laundry (sans socks) for a week, so Chachi get off scot free. (Or should that be Scott free?)

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Remember to Tip Your Centralized Computer Process Provider

Posted by TestOut Staff on

Working with servers

From its intimidating preponderance of acronyms to the ever-expanding terminology of memory capacity — gigabyte, terabyte, exabyte, petabyte — information technology has numerous amusing quirks of language. For example, PC hardware is one of the few realms where it's still acceptable to mingle the terms "master" and "slave" in describing the relationship between separate and unequal components of a system.

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