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Posted by TestOut Staff on

Just before the end of 2018, a movie called Bird Box debuted on Netflix. Based on our extensive research, consisting mostly of surfing around on Google for a couple of minutes, we have been able to determine that the movie is not really about either birds or boxes. It's more of a survival thriller thing about a monster or monsters whose appearance somehow causes people who look directly at it (or them) to experience a psychotic break and kill themselves. Ewww.

Apparently producers initially considered calling the movie Don't Look at the Terrifying Monster(s) or You Will Experience a Pyschotic Break and Kill Yourself, but a German silent film from 1923 had already used that title. The final decision was between Bird Box and Ham Sandwich, but marketing research indicated that Ham Sandwich would cause consumers to stop looking for something to watch on Netflix and get a snack from the kitchen. So, you know, Bird Box.

The movie ended up being a huge success, or at least that's what Netflix says. Netflix doesn't publicly disclose viewership data or other facts and figures that could verify its claims, so it's at least possible that no one at all has watched Bird Box. On the other hand, there's at least anecdotal evidence that some people have seen the film, since characters in the movie wear blindfolds to avoid accidentally looking at the monster and then do complicated things like row a boat down a river.

We know that because of a trend that recently emerged online, in which people put on blindfolds and then create shareable videos of themselves attempting to do complicated things like cross busy streets. It's called the Bird Box Challenge, which makes it sort of like the Ice Bucket Challenge from a few years back, except that no charitable cause is benefitted and instead of just being cold and wet for a few minutes, you might screw up and injure or kill yourself.

Our point in discussing all of this is merely to observe that if you have enough time to make a video of your blindfolded self chopping down a tree (or whatever), then you really ought to consider doing something more productive like using TestOut CE training to get an IT certification. We'll call it the IT Training Challenge. Everyone who completes it will understand computers and technology better and also develop valuable job skills. You can even make a video of yourself and post it online.

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