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Tell Us Your TestOut CE Story

Posted by TestOut Staff on

Hey, everybody! Did you hear the one about the guy (or gal) who was working for a living, not getting all of her (or his) needs and wants met, and used TestOut CE training to successfully switch to a career in technology that made all of his/her wildest dreams come true? Yeah, neither did we — because NOBODY TOLD US. We're not omniscient, and there are a lot of other things on our collective plate, after all.

What's the scoop, old poop?

We are confident, on the other hand, that TestOut CE training is helping both experienced professionals and IT newcomers to get an edge and surf the IT employment wave all the way to a land flowing with whatever the kids use to get by in 2017 that's not milk and honey. (Cheez-Its and Red Bull? Hot Pockets and triple espresso? Chocolate frosted chocolate cake donuts and Diet Dr. Pepper with a few generous squirts of vanilla syrup?)

(Incidentally, if you happen to be wondering where to look in order to find said land flowing with Taco Bell Quesaritos and avocado smoothies, then wonder no longer! According to a piping hot take posted to the Dice Insights blog of tech employment facilitator Dice, the place to be in IT is Salt Lake City, Utah. Even Zumper says so, and who among us can really afford to buck the wisdom of Zumper?)

Jumping all the way back to our original point: We think that some of the people who use training solutions from TestOut Continuing Education have almost certainly gone on to do remarkable and noteworthy things in IT. And by that we don't necessarily mean that they've founded and sold a tech startup for $22 million. (Although, hey, that would totally be way cool.) Maybe you got a good job with a sweet salary. Maybe TestOut CE training helped you get a promotion at work.

Stuff like that. We want to hear about it. Tell us your TestOut CE story, and who knows? The wisdom and life lessons that you gained along the way could be what makes the difference for some other struggling soul. It's often hearing about the successes and innovations of others that leads us to some of our greatest triumphs in life. We'd love to trumpet your experience to the world. We just need you to tell us first.

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