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TestOut Provides Solution to IBM's Training Needs

Posted by TestOut Staff on

When tech titan IBM needed a better way to meet the IT training needs of its global workforce, company officials turned to TestOut Continuing Education. Our online simulation-based training is exactly what the company needed to efficiently teach PC and IT networking skills to IBM employees worldwide. Here’s how it all came together:

TestOut’s partnership with IBM began in the summer of 2015 and has already proven to be a force in the IT training realm. At the time the partnership was formed, IBM was attempting to bolster training effectiveness at its worldwide training centers. The company had eight weeks to train 90 new Bulgarian employees in entry-level PC hardware and networking skills. IBM was given an evaluation copy of LabSim, which they only needed to use for a week before realizing it would be perfect for their task. Hundreds of IBM employees are now being trained by TestOut products.

As seen in the video, IBM officials felt that TestOut could provide exactly what the company needed. “At IBM we invest in our employee’s skills,” says Kevin Rein, Global Learning Delivery & Development Executive at IBM. “So it’s critical that as we bring new employees in that they have the opportunity to improve and grow their career.”

Jenifer Fray, whose husband tipped her off about LabSim after using it himself, expresses how TestOut’s training has removed limitations and allowed IBM to touch the lives of more students. “This was a new and inventive way of getting training to students,” says Fray. “We’re not flying students out, we’re not putting them up in hotels ... they get to do it at home, they get to sit at home in the comfort of their own home, their own chairs, their own laptops, and take this training that is great.”

Partnerships with IBM and other international companies have increased TestOut’s training reach. In addition to those being trained in Bulgaria, there are training centers using TestOut in India, Brazil and various locales throughout the Caribbean, just to name a few.

There are many aspiring IT professionals worldwide who don’t have access to effective IT training. TestOut’s innovative online courseware can help anyone who wants to advance their IT prospects.

Jedi Jake Slater, the Social Media MasterAbout the AuthorJake Slater is the social media manager for GoCertify and a graduate of Brigham Young University. Jake has never been to Bulgaria, but he once dated a girl named Sofia.

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