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TestOut's New Network Pro

Posted by TestOut Staff on

Sometimes change is incremental and unpredictable, as illustrated in the following exchange from Season 6, Episode 12 of The West Wing, "365 Days:" "Of course we want to avert a disaster in South Dakota, but I can't take this to the president just yet." "Trouble in South Dakota?" "In about a thousand years. Mount Rushmore is on the move." "How far has it gone?" "About an inch."

Network Pro 5.0 is (almost) here!

Sometimes, on the other hand, change happens more or less right on schedule, and a comparison between the old and the new reveals dramatic differences. Tech industry association CompTIA has a widely popular certification program, and likes to closely keep track of changing technology. You can't stay in the business of certifying IT skills for very long if you use oudated information.

That's why CompTIA expends a healthy amount of effort and resources on keeping its certification exams current. In most cases, a team of Subject Matter Experts assemble (sort of like the Avengers) every three years to thoroughly review and revise each of the CompTIA certification exams. Once the SMEs have done their work, a new exam is released and the three-year clock resets.

In the circle of life and certification, the old Network+ exam, N10-006, has been in the chrysalis of exam rejuvenation for several months, and a beautiful new butterfly of an exam, N10-007, is set to emerge on March 1. "But wait," you say, "I'm using TestOut's Network Pro to study for Network+. Will the old Network Pro course keep me up to date?" It's OK. There's no need to panic.

TestOut's courses have the CAQC — that's CompTIA Approved Quality Content — seal of approval. That's sort of the certification training equivalent of never having to say your sorry. We update our courses as soon as there's a new exam. And, as of March 6, just five days after the release of N10-007, TestOut's own new Network Pro 5.0 will be available to all our customers.

It probably goes without saying, but we'll say it anyway: The new Network Pro has everything you need to know to pass N10-007. It also has new video content, and better video resolution. All of the labs have been updated to Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016. And you can bounce from the old course right into the new one using LabSim's update feature.

So if you've been waiting on getting that Network+ cert because you knew that the exam was about to turn over a new leaf, well, it's time to start getting ready for a new certification adventure. On March 6, you can hit the ground running with Network Pro 5.0. Things are always changing in certification, but with TestOut Continuing Education in your corner, you'll never fall behind.

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