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The End is Near

Posted by TestOut Staff on

It's kind of a funny time to be talking about wrapping things up, finishing them off, writing "The End," moving on, bidding adieu, lighting a match and walking away, and so forth. We just barely kicked off 2018, after all. The "New Year" smell — sort of like the much-loved "new car" smell — hasn't even worn off, yet. Come on, now. Is anybody really in an "all good things must end" frame of mind?

Time is running out ... to save BIG!

And yet, all good things do, in fact, end. One good thing that is going to end, really soon, is our already extended TestOut Continuing Education Library Suite Holiday Sale. I mean, we're gonna run out of Library Suites sooner or late, right? (Actually, no, not right. We have enough Library Suites for everyone. Don't hold back on our account.) If we kept the sale going indefinitely, of course, then the sale price would just become the regular price.

What makes a sale a sale, after all, is the fact that you can get goods or service at below the regular price. So, yeah, the last day of the sale is officially Jan. 12. Friday is your last chance to take action and save big. And because we really want you to save big, we've made the sale even better! If you're one of those "testing the water" types, and you've been hesitating about jumping in, then get your checkbook ready.

For these last few days that the sale is on, you can get the Library Suite for $50 off the already bargain basement price of $495. You heard right! We're already offering a $400 discount of the regular price of $895. Now you can take and additional $50 off! That's a total savings of $450, and a final out-the-door price tag of $455. That's so low it's scandalous! Seriously, we can scarcely type these words without blushing.

To get the additional $50 discount, all you have to do is enter the coupon code SAVE50MORE at checkout. That's it! It's easy. It's peasy. It's totally lemon squeezy! Just to refresh your memory, the Library Suite provides unrestricted access to every certification training course we offer for one whole year. It's the Mother of All IT Training Subscriptions! If you're planning to really step up your IT game in 2018, then the Library Suite is ideal.

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