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The IRS Giveth

Posted by TestOut Staff on

For most people here in the United States, during most of the calendar year, the Internal Revenue Service taketh away. Tax withholding, for nearly all Americans, is as automatic as pouring milk on cold cereal, or contributing to a 401k. It's practically the same thing as contributing to a 401k, really: You agree to give someone else money with the expectation of getting some back later on.

Tax booty

Later on is right about now for most U.S. taxpayers. Oh, sure, there are those annoying people who fill out their income tax paperwork in January and probably already don't remember what they did with their tax return. It's a lot closer to now, however, that most people are experiencing the small joy of getting back whatever amount the government withheld that was more than a given individual owed.

Yeah, it's kind of a game that we all play with Uncle Sam. Sure, you could figure out your own withholding, set the money aside yourself, and then pay whatever you end up owing out of that personal reserve fund. But is that really as fun as getting money back from the mighty hand of big government? (The answer is no. No, it is not as much fun. Tax refunds are the bee-oh-em diggetay.)

So here's a fun new thing that you can do with some of that tax return money. TestOut Continuing Education recently created a new training bundle, our Admin Bundle. The Admin Bundle gets you plugged in to our training for the CompTIA Network+ and Security+ certifications, as well as the Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) Routing & Switching credential.

And from now until the end of the month, April 30, you can get a 1-year license for just $395, a $100 discount! For just $395, you'll get all the training and learning assistance you need to prepare for all three certification exams. Knock out those three certs in one year, and you'll have a seriously employable skill set. This tax season, let Uncle Sam invest in your career growth and success.

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