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The Sure Thing

Posted by TestOut Staff on

Tonight there will be a new lottery winner. No, it's not going to be a fry cook from Hackensack, or a plumber from Poughkeepsie. This lottery winner won't be clutching a ticket stub and breathlessly following along as a guy in a suit with a microphone reads off winning numbers displayed on a Wheel of Fortune-style flipboard by a lady in a cocktail dress. (Do they still do it like that on TV?)

I'm a winner!

That's because tonight's lottery isn't for ordinary schmoes hoping to win big in the ultimate All-American rags-to-riches sweepstakes. You can't buy your way in at a convenience store, and there isn't even really a jackpot that will set the winner free from a lifetime of rat racing and daily grinding. Actually, the winner will have boatloads of cash already, and winning means giving a huge chunk of that away.

That's because the lucky winner of tonight's lottery will be the owner of a team from the National Basketball Association. Yes, that's right, we speak of the 2018 NBA Draft Lottery, which will determine which of the teams to compile the worst records during the 2017-2018 season will pick first in the June draft. Whoever wins will "get" to pay a young player somewhere in the neighborhood of $50 million.

Rookie contracts are fixed in the NBA, but the first player picked still commands a hefty salary, especially if he stays in the league (only the first two years of rookie contracts are guaranteed). This year, the first player picked will probably be either Slovenian guard Luka Doncic, or Univesity of Arizona star DeAndre Ayton. Check back at the end of next season to find out whether the winner chose wisely.

Fortunately, you don't have to get lucky and win the lottery to find great IT training. Not only that, but when you get your training from TestOut Continuing Education, you can be confident that you're getting a great product. Young NBA prospects sometimes take two or even three seasons to begin playing up to their potential. That's a lot of waiting around for the guy who ponied up $50 million over five years.

And, of course, some players picked at the top of the NBA Draft never pan out at all. They get the money, but they never become big stars. With the combination of TestOut's great courseware and your drive and determination, you can't lose. Don't wind up feeling like the NBA owner who drafted Kwame Brown, or Adam Morrison. Train with TestOut and your IT career will be a sure thing.

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