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The Year-End Blowout is Back!

Posted by TestOut Staff on

Show of hands, who remembers the episode of The Simpsons where the Springfield mall gets a Mapple store that offers products for sale that reflect the boundless creative genius of Steve Mobs? After discovering that she will most likely never in her natural life have enough money to purchase a Mapple product, Lisa lucks into a MiPod that Krusty the Klown has disdainfully discarded. All is well until she gets her first bill ... for $1,200.

Gotta get my bowl, gotta have cereal.

Lisa has unwittingly accrued her enormous amount owing by downloading 1,200 songs. There's no such thing as debt forgiveness from Mapple, but after a trip to the undersea headquarters where Mapple's products are born, Lisa is generously permitted by Steve Mobs himself to join the Mapple team and work off her bill. Mobs' munificence is manifest when Lisa ends up as a street corner shill in a giant MiPod costume.

Some companies, such as Mapple, ensure that demand for their products remains artificially high by never cutting anyone a break, whether on purchases or service contracts. There's no such thing as a MiPod sale. You pay the going rate, or you don't become an owner. Here at TestOut Continuing Education, however, we don't adhere to the Mapple model. Far from it, in fact. The value of our product is such that it practically sells itself.

We do, however, occasionally offer discounts, and right now we're offering one of our biggest discounts of the year. If getting a certification is on your to-do list for 2019, then now is the time to pave your path to success. You can get a full year's access to our entire Library Suite — which includes every certification training course we offer — for just $495, a discount of nearly 50 percent off the normal price of $895!

The Library Suite has it all, with training for popular certifications offered by tech industry association CompTIA (A+, Network+, Security+, Linux+), software giant Microsoft (including Windows Server 2016 and Microsoft Office), and networking colossus Cisco (CCNA Routing and Switching). If your goal is to become proficient in any of these technologies, then now is the your time to save. Don't delay: This year-end blow-out bargain price is only available for a limited time!

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