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There's More to IT Employment than Cubicles

Posted by TestOut Staff on

At least as far back as ancient Rome, eager and curious youths have been recruited into military service with the promise of (among other things) travel to foreign shores and exotic climes. "Join the [name of defense force] and see the world" has been a standard, if often informal, enticement for generations. Let's face it: We all want the work we do each day to be interesting and, if possible, maybe even a little adventurous.

Ball and chain

It's not for nothing that, even with all of the mobility and agility that technology has given us in 2017, people complain about being chained to a desk. This is perhaps more true in industries dominated or driven by technology than anywhere else in the professional realm. If you're starting a career in IT, or switching over to the IT ranks from somewhere else, then you've probably at least considered the possibility of spending 40 hours per week or more essentially staring at a computer screen.

Some tech jobs are like that. (As are many jobs that call for different skills: A lot of modern "work" requires you to sit at a desk and exercise your wits.) There are plenty of ways to pursue an IT career, however, that don't involve being uninterruptedly chairbound. Tech educators, for example, from college instructors to certified technical trainers, aren't generally confined solely to a cubicle or office.

If you're wondering about other options, then there's an engaging article that popped up today at GoCertify under the headline "Roam Free in IT: Plenty of Non-Desk Jobs for the Tech-Savvy." The first occupation listed is "small business consultant," and this is an area of abundant need. Sometimes the computer network at, say,  a dentist's office or an auto repair shop, is designed and maintained on site. Quite often, however, such IT-intensive setup and troubleshooting chores are handled by a sort of traveling Mr. Fixit.

These and other jobs (five more of which are detailed in the aforelinked article) offer plenty of opportunities to do IT work without needing to rely on once-a-day trips to the restroom or water cooler to cause regular head-to-toes circulation of blood. Go ahead and get your IT certification without fear. If you can't abide the thought of working in an office or sitting a desk, then you'll still have plenty of excellent employment options.

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