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Too Much of a Good Thing?

Posted by TestOut Staff on

Outdoor recreation store REI has an old holiday sales slogan: "Your loved one can never have too much gear." As anyone could attest who has ever been a serious hiker, climber, skier, and so forth, that's a marketing department that really knows the quirks of its core customer. Whatever your preferred activity is, you never really look around at your stash of accessories and think, "You know what? I don't actually need more than I already have."

Descending Larry Canyon in Utah

Sometimes a favorite day-hiking backpack wears out and you need a new one. Sometimes you take your canyoneering hobby to the next level and suddenly you need a rope, a harness, and a fistful or carabiners and sling material. Sometimes you see a rare discount on that new ski jacket with the breathable waterproof lining and you just have to get it because maybe you hate the color, but you'll never see that price again and you can always exchange it later.

See what we mean? It turns out, actually, that there's a corollary in the IT certification and training world. Tech pros have whims, too, on top of which it never hurts to build up your stockpile of IT knowledge. Sometimes learning new things is its own reward, and you tell yourself that it doesn't matter whether or not that high-level networking credential ever comes up in a single job interview or performance review, because now you finally understand every nuance of the OSI model.

If you've ever needed to scratch that learning itch, then you'll understand the beauty of having access to a ton of really great certification and training content. Which is what we're offering, incidentally, right now until the end of December. One of our most popular package deals is what we call the Library Suite. It includes every course we offer: cybersecurity, networking, Linux, Microsoft, Cisco, hardware and software troubleshooting and maintenance, and more.

Basically, if you or someone you care about really loves IT training and certification, then this is a deal that's almost too good to pass up. Ordinarily, it's $895 to get unfettered access to the Library Suite for one year. Right now, however, you can plug into all of that goodness for 45 percent off (give or take a half-percent or so), just $495! Imagine someone you love having a massive training and certification sandbox. Remember, your loved one can never have too much TestOut CE.

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