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Too Much of a (Some) Thing

Posted by TestOut Staff on

How was everyone's Thanksgiving? Did you all pack on a pound or two during the once-a-year indulgence in an excess of good food and fantastic deserts? We only do this once per year, right? Smorgasbord City is a nice place to visit, but nobody ever moves in. Everyone is savvy enough to know that we can't just turn every holiday or festive occasion from now until March into an excuse to gorge on calorically dense edibles. Right?

Who's hungry?

Weird. There's this feeling in the air right now like a gigantic memo that nobody ever received. Oh, well. Whatever. In addition to festively feasting, some of us here at TestOut Continuing Education took advantage of the holiday break to see Coco, the brand new film about family, the afterlife, tradition, and self-expression from Disney and Pixar. Some of you out there probably saw it, too, in which case you also saw that other thing that was like, "What? Huh?"

That other thing was Olaf's Frozen Adventure, a 21-minute "short" that plays before Coco and features all of your favorite characters from Frozen. No, really, they're all in it. It's like you're sitting there and thinking, "Wow, the only guy from the movie who got left out of this is the yokel from the trading post with the heavy accent," and then — BAM! — it's the yokel guy and his trading post. Service with a smile!

Olaf's Frozen Adventure, which is rumored to have been planned as a Disney holiday TV special, possibly right up until the last few weeks prior to the release of Coco, has a moderately engaging message and what looks like excellent, eye-filling animation (right up until Coco starts). And Frozen was pretty fun, right? And, look, it's those same fun characters! But man is that sucker longer than a midnight sermon on Christmas Eve.

No joke, a lot of us feel like we're still watching Olaf's Frozen Adventure and wondering whether Coco (which is 1 hr., 49 min., all by itself) will ever start. The point of these ruminations is to remind everybody that, hey, moderation in all things, you know? Even when something comes along that seems like it's a really good thing everyone will want more of, you have to tap the brakes eventually, because, "Save some of that for the sequel!"

Even when it comes to IT certification, it's good to remember that you can't just pile it on and plow straight through. Effective learning requires both time and patience. That's one reason why TestOut CE's subscription model works so well for training and certification. Once you're hooked up to LabSim, you can study and practice until you're good and ready for the certification exam. Then pass the test, cancel your subscription, and move on.

There's no fuss, muss, or overindulgence with TestOut CE training. Take as much as you need, and then turn off the tap. If only more things in life were like that. Do we really need a cheeseball and crackers, plus individual cheesecakes, hot cocoa with marshmallows, and crushed candy cane chocolate bark every other day from now until New Year's? Ugh. How long until March?

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