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Tough Like TestOut Pro

Posted by TestOut Staff on

It's not always easy to step into a gladiatorial arena as the new guy and, well, sort of rise up and overwhelm everybody else. Picture yourself dressed up like Kirk Douglas in Spartacus, or Russell Crowe in Gladiator. You have some basic armor and your native brawn and agility, whatever that amounts to. You get some rudimentary training. You're issued some weapons. And then all of a sudden it's lions, and tigers, and bears! (And other guys with swords!) Oh my.

Gladiator triumphant

In ancient Rome, in the arena, only the strongest and most quick-witted survived. You either figured out a way to overcome the obstacles, or you perished. Simple. (And, for most, painful. And gory.) Now, IT certification is far from being a life-and-death bloodsport, but like all business arenas, most of those who enter are vanquished. Often quickly. Anyone who manages to survive is impressive, and those who thrive, even more so.

Five years ago, TestOut strode into the IT certification arena with a clear vision of better training and more meaningful (thus, valuable) credentials. Since that time, you could say that TestOut Pro Certifications have held the line against a host of challenges, and the program today is flourishing. We didn't just manage to survive. We've risen above that threshold and begun to thrive. Like any newcomer, our name recognition is still questionable. But people are starting to take notice.

That's because of what we've accomplished, which can be summed up in a couple of large numbers. Since its debut, TestOut's Pro Certification program has been setting 'em up, and knocking 'em down to the tune of the following:

  • More than 100,000 certification exams delivered
  • More than 65,000 individuals certified
  • TestOut Pro exams used in 35 different countries
  • TestOut Pro exams administered at more than 1,250 schools

To use the vernacular, TestOut Pro certifications — including PC Pro, Network Pro, Security Pro, Linux Pro, Desktop Pro, and many others — are kicking some serious tail. We might not be the New England Patriots of IT certification quite yet, but we're like Dak Prescott of last year's Dallas Cowboys: young, gifted, full of energy and grit, and leading the charge to a bright future.

The TestOut Pro Certification program is here to stay. And the good things that have already happened are small potatoes compared to the great things that lie ahead. Don't get left standing on the sidelines — or sweating things out (literally and figuratively) in the hypogeum. (Look it up.) Start your training now and you'll be Pro certified before you know it!

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