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Watch Your Back(side)

Posted by TestOut Staff on

Today is National Kick Butt Day, which is alleged to occur each calendar year on the second Monday in October. In 2018, National Kick Butt Day happens to also fall on the same day as a holiday created to honor the "discovery" of the Americas by Italian explorer Christopher Columbus. We're not sure what to make of the convergence beyond the fact that Columbus has come in for a bit of a historical butt-kicking in recent years.

Kicking butt!

National Kick Butt Day, however, is not about that kind of kicking butt. It's not about inflicting pain on the the derrière, whether metaphorically or literally. It about the kind of kicking butt that is associated with doing something awesome. Is there something awesome that you've always wanted to accomplish, but have never quite gotten around to? National Kick Butt Day is all about restoring your confidence and getting you going again.

In that sense, perhaps, you could say it's about giving your own but a swift metaphorical kick. In essence, you're telling yourself to stop letting life pass you by and get out there and make something happen. I mean, the butt is not what we normally think of as representing the seat of our decision making and resolve gathering, but having a National Kick Head Day just doesn't really convey the same elan and panache.

Here at TestOut Continuing Education, we have a special place in our hearts for National Kick Butt Day, which we swear we did not find out about five minutes ago while attempting to dig up a topic for this blog post. We like achievers and strivers, because they challenge themselves to get stuff done. And it takes guts and fortitude like that to get an IT certification, which is what we're all about. (Certification that is, not guts and fortitude.)

Getting a certification is exactly the sort of challenge that National Kick Butt Day was created for. So if you already know that information technology can change your life and unlock the door to a better career, then quit waiting around for a presidential invitation and get to it. Sign up for our monthly training today (Your first 7 days are free!), and you'll get the best tools money can buy to achieve your dream of kicking butt and taking certifications!

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