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We'd Like to Thank the Academy

Posted by TestOut Staff on

A day of reckoning is nearly upon us. Coming up next week, in the wee hours of Tuesday morning, just as men and women everywhere are sleeping off the hedonistic revels of the four-day holiday weekend, members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences will politely request the attention of people from across the nation and around the world as they make a very special announcement that 3D movie projection ought to be banned forever.

And the Certie goes to ...

Ho, ho. We jest! The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences would never even consider slagging such a spiritually deadening, yet improbably lucrative gimmick. What they will actually do is politely request the attention of people from across the nation and around the world as they make a very special announcement about which 2018 movies, performers, and artisans have been deemed worthy to be contenders for the Academy Awards.

That's right, it's almost time for the Oscars, or as advertisers and the NFL like to think of them, the second-most profitable TV viewing extravaganza of February. Every year, people who make movies throw a big party for themselves and invite the rest of the world to passionately care about whether, say, Black Panther or BlacKkKlansman had a better adapted screenplay. (No, Black Panther will not actually be nominated in that category — but the dream is still alive until Tuesday.)

There's not a comparable body of self-congratulatory nerds who obsess about the finer points of IT certification training ... but if there were such a group, then those of us on the TestOut Continuing Education team would probably own tuxedos and fancy gowns and get lots of frequent flier miles each year in February. Because TestOut CE would get a fistful of Certies every year. (That's what they would call the golden statuettes for the winners in categories like Best IT Training Simulation.)

TestOut's course designers are just as passionate about what they do as people who make movies in Hollywood. They work hard every day to perfect even the smallest details of our training and certification courses. On the other hand, we don't actually care about prizes or parties. Our greatest reward is when our products help real people achieve their certification goals. We don't need you to root for us each year when it's time for the Certies. We're already rooting for you every day.

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