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Posted by TestOut Staff on

From the Breaking News desk, we bring you an update on the status of Qatar Airways flight QR-962 from Doha (the capital city of Qatar) to Bali (in Indonesia). Earlier today the flight crew elected to make an unplanned stopover in Chennai (in India) when an unidentified female passenger flew into a rage upon discovering, after accessing her sleeping husband's smartphone, that said husband had allegedly engaged in extramarital shenanigans.

Leaving on a jet plane ...

The suspicious wife actually made a pretty savvy play, waiting until her possibly straying spouse was sawing logs before using his finger to successfully unlock the biometric security measure protecting his phone and its cache of dark secrets. Her emotions already stirred up by alcohol, the furious passenger caused such a commotion that the plane made an emergency landing to eject the phone sleuth, her presumably cowed hubby, and the couple's young child.

It's all kind of like those lovebirds from the stock photo meme that swept across the web like wildfire several weeks back. This is what happened after they got on their plane back to Bali from Doha. (Or maybe there's a different explanation of what went on with those two.) The moral of the story is probably something like "be content with what you have," or maybe "don't use the phone you always have with you to cheat on your spouse."

One aspect of this sad tale that's independently interesting is the extent to which personal technology follows us around wherever we go. In the new and highly mobile world we all live in, you can't ever assume that any aspect of your life is tucked away safely where no one else will ever find it. While sobering in some respects, however, the new age of connectivity is also highly liberating. Ever-present always-accessible technology has its upsides.

One of the key benefits, for example, of training with TestOut Continuing Education is that you can access our LabSim courseware from anywhere that you can pick up a wireless internet signal. Unless you're about to go on a walkabout in the Australian outback, you don't ever have to set down what you're doing and then try to figure out where you left off after a couple of weeks have gone by.

Instead, you can do your training whenever there's time for it. Say, for example, on a long transoceanic flight when you might perhaps be better off using your smartphone to review IT lessons than just dozing off and leaving it where anyone can use your finger to bypass the biometric scanner. Your questionable behavior might still somehow cause an international incident, but at least you won't have your phone to blame for it.

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