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What's Your Certification Resolution?

Posted by TestOut Staff on

It's a brand new year. A blank slate. A fresh canvas. A new leaf. What do the next 12 months have in store? That's what makes this time of year so exciting and invigorating. There's a great big TBD out there, and it's up to each of us what gets determined over the coming weeks and months. What is the looming "to be determined" element in your life? There's really only one person who can make that decision — and then make it stick.

Make IT happen.

For those of us involved in IT, January is a great time of year to be thinking about certification. Some people are smart enough, or experienced enough, to just walk into a testing center and bang out the answers on a given certification exam. Most people, however, can't tackle certification with that level of casual brilliance. For most of us, there isn't just an exam switch that can be flipped whenever we need it.

The good news is that TestOut Continuing Education has some excellent tools to help you meet your certification goals. Our courseware is designed to help you learn IT processes and principles inside and out. Then, once you have the information, we help you apply what you've learned. Our world-class simulations let you try, fail, and try again, gradually mastering real-world tasks. Or maybe you'll succeed on the first try!

The point is that TestOut training isn't just about knowing what box to check when you see a multiple-choice question. It's about knowing how to build a PC from scratch, picking out and assembling the components as you go. It's about setting up a computer network that can meet the needs of a busy workplace team. It's about mastering the things you'll actually be expected to do when you walk in the door at your next job.

So why not get 2018 off to a rip-roaring start? Don't just let life happen. Make life happen. Pick a certification and resolve to conquer it in 2018. Then get the right training and get started. And if you want to really hit a grand slam? Get TestOut CE's Library Suite. It's got every course we offer, and right now you can access all of that fantastic training for just $495. That's $400 off the usual price!

Resolve to get certified in 2018. Then come find the training you need and we'll help you take care of the rest.

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