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CompTIA A+ Training - Africa

CompTIA A+ Training (Africa Promo)

Prepares you for the CompTIA A+ (220-901, 220-902) certification.
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CompTIA approves TestOut A+ training
CompTIA Approved

TestOut is an Authorized Partner in the CompTIA Content Partner Program and it's A+ training has been validated as CompTIA Approved Quality Content. It has been verified to properly prepare you to take CompTIA's A+ 220-901 and 220-902 exams. CompTIA's approval, combined with TestOut's quality and innovation, means you can relax knowing you are being trained using the best courseware on the market.

Become a PC Pro

This is the essential IT training course. It will take your knowledge and skill level in PC repair and service from beginner to pro. You will learn how to build, configure, and maintain a PC as well as learn the basics of networking and security.

TestOut lab simulations give you hands-on experience. They analyze what you do, how you do it and give feedback after each training scenario.

TestOut lab simulation floor overview
Learn by doing

TestOut's video tutorials, demonstrations, and hands-on lab simulations, will not only be able to help you prove that you know the material, you will also be able to demonstrate you can perform the IT tasks employers are looking for.

TestOut lab simulation motherboard
New course updates

TestOut's best-selling course has some big changes with better videos, better demos, and new simulations. The updated course will prepare you for CompTIA's 220-901 and 220-902 certification exams. In addition it features many exciting features such as new videos with more diverse instructors, more simulated operating systems, and updated hardware components including 3D views.

CompTIA A+ 220-901 and 220-902 updates
The Complete Training Solution

CompTIA A+ training includes teaching methods that enhance the learning experience and keep you focused and engaged. The total course time is 111 hours.

CompTIA A+ training videos
Training Videos
CompTIA A+ quizzes
Section Quizzes
CompTIA A+ lessons
CompTIA A+ demonstrations
CompTIA A+ lab simulations
Lab Simulations
CompTIA A+ exam questions
Exam Questions
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What our customers are saying.

TestOut is the reason I passed my A+ certification exam. I’ve never seen any other coursework or videos that compare to TestOut’s stuff. It was versatile, easy to use, and the content was presented in a clean and concise manner that made it easy to follow. TestOut courseware holds to the “KISS principle” (keep it simple, stupid) challenging concepts are presented in a very digestible format that enable me to focus on specific sections as needed. The video instructors were especially enjoyable — I felt like I almost knew them.

Jeremy Michael Brand

Adventist Information technology

In 2013 when I first started out to achieve my A+ certification I took a class through a community college that was textbook based and had limited labs. In May of 2014, at the end of the course, my instructor told me that I was ready for A+ and would be fine. I took the exam and barely passed receiving a 650 on the 801 when you need a 650 to pass. I took the 802 immediately after the 801 and bombed. After I failed I went through a free online video class and took notes and then went to take it again and I failed again by 1 question. It was not until I got into the TestOut labsims to get the hands on experience that I passed with a 94%. Immediately after my A+ I went through the TestOut Network Pro course. After taking the practice exams until I was scoring a 90% or better, I passed my Network+. TestOut’s material has helped me immensely in passing the certifications I need as a network administrator.

Patrick Bukowski

Systems Administrator

I have certified myself in A+, Networking, Security, CCNA and finishing the 70-410 all through Testout I can not tell you how this has transformed my career and my personal confidence in the IT world. I hope to pass along my complete satisfaction and success due in large part because of TestOut.

Ron Scarborough

IT Engineer

I wanted to share my success experience regarding the 70-680 exam from Microsoft. I have been working in tech for over 5 years and thought myself pretty experienced when it came to configuring and troubleshooting Windows. What I did not expect was the exam to be so difficult! I failed it once and continued my plan of study (which was at the time just a study guide published by Microsoft Press) I then failed it again and was feeling pretty low. I almost gave up and did not attempt the exam. It was then I decided to really study for the exam and purchased the “Configuring Windows 7” training from TestOut. I ate, slept, breathed TestOut for 2 weeks, going through each module in the course. I’m proud to say with only 2 weeks of studying with TestOut that I passed the exam on the third try. I have purchased the TestOut Linux Pro course and am currently using it for the Linux+ exam and can’t wait to get certified. I will definitely keep using TestOut for future certifications!

Ashley Snyder

Senior Desktop Support Specialist