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Desktop Pro Plus Corporate

Microsoft Office 2016

Company Training Courseware
Learning Made Simple

Finally, an online course using advanced technology and superior learning materials that is simple to use.

Microsoft Word Training
NO. 1

Control How
You Learn

Watching someone demonstrate Microsoft Office with access to every word they say is an incredible way to learn. Our video instructors provide short, step by step instructions of what to do. Speed it up, slow it down, review a single skill, or read the video script, no matter how you learn, you're in complete control.

Microsoft Excel Training
NO. 2

Practice = Confidence

Practice makes perfect and our advanced simulation labs provides plenty of practice. Labs provide specific tasks to perform while offering hints when needed. Instant feedback after completing each task correctly builds confidence that you learned each skill the right way.

Microsoft PowerPoint Training
NO. 3

Be Job Ready

The real world doesn't provide hints so we included labs which challenge you in real world scenarios. Complete these labs and you will have mastered the skills for your job using Microsoft Office.

Course Specifications

  • Simulation labs: 172
  • Video lessons: 157 (9:15:22)
  • Text lessons: 111
  • Certification practice exams: 6
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