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Computing Overview

Set up a computer

Use shell commands

Shut down a linux sysem

PC Technician Responsibilities

Install a UPS

System Components

Install a Power Supply

Choose and Install a Motherboard

Troubleshoot System Power

Troubleshoot Power Supply

Troubleshoot Power Supply Problems

Select and Install a Processor 1

Troubleshoot Processor Installation 2

Select Memory by Sight

Install Triple Channel Memory

Troubleshoot Memory 1

Troubleshoot Memory 2

Find BIOS/UEFI Settings

Clear CMOS Settings

Install Expansion Cards

Upgrade a Video Card

Select and Install a Sound Card

Peripheral Devices

Connect a KVM Switch

Select and Configure Dual Monitors

Manage Devices

Manage Devices 1

Manage Devices 2


Install SATA Devices

Create RAID Arrays

Implement a RAID Solution

Create Volumes

Add Space to Existing Volumes

Implement Storage Spaces

Perform Disk Maintenance

Troubleshoot SATA Devices


Select and Install a Network Adapter

Configure TCP/IP Settings

Configure a Cable Internet Connection

Configure a DSL Internet Connection

Configure a Dial-up Internet Connection

Explore Configuration Information 1

Use ifconfig

Fix a Network Connection 1

Wireless Networking

Connect to a Wireless Network

Create a Home Wireless Network

Create a Home Wireless Network

Configure a Wireless Infrastructure

Configure Smart Devices


Choose a Printer

Select and Install a Printer

Configure Network Printing

Add a Printer

Manage Printing

Mobile Devices

Edit Power Options

Create a Power Plan

Manage Mobile Devices

Configure iPad Access Control and Authentication

System Implementation

Prepare Disks for Installation

Install an Workstation Image using PXE

Enable VT in the BIOS

Create Virtual Machines

Create Virtual Hard Disks

File Management

Manage Files

Manage Files and Folders

Configure NTFS Permissions

Share and Secure Folders

Manage the Linux File System

Manage Linux File Ownership

System Management

Use System Commands

Join a Workstation to a Domain

Create User Accounts

Create OUs

Delete OUs

Manage Users and Groups

Configure Remote Services

Manage Applications

Repair Programs

Manage Linux Processes

Configure Windows Update

Update Firmware

Back Up the Computer

Configure File History

Create a Restore Point

Boot into the Windows Recovery Environment

Restore Data from File History

Configure Virtual Memory

Configure the Boot Order

Troubleshoot System Startup 1


Require a Screen Saver Password

Configure BIOS/UEFI Security

Configure Windows Defender

Enforce Password Settings

Manage Linux Passwords

Configure File Encryption

Configure a Windows Firewall

Use a Proxy Server

Configure a VPN Connection