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Free CompTIA Linux+ Labs

TestOut Lab Simulation

Prepare for your CompTIA Linux+ certification with free practice labs from TestOut. Click on any of the "START LAB" buttons from the available labs below.

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Manage Linux FilesSTART LAB

Using Linux

Get Help1

Get Help 2

Get Help 3

Create a New FileSTART LAB

Modify an Existing File

Use the Nano Editor

View Environment Variables

Find the Working Directory

View Directory Information

Find a Hidden Directory

Create Directories

Delete Directories

View the Contents of a File

View a List of Available Shells

Delete Files

Move Files

Delete Files and Directories

Create a Hard Link

Create a Symbolic Link

Boot and Shutdown

Set the GRUB Timeout

Configure Dual Boot

Change the Current TargetSTART LAB

Set the Default Boot Target

Manage System Services

Enable System Services at Boot

Software Installation

Install an RPM PackageSTART LAB

Remove an RPM Package

Update an RPM Package

Use DNF to Install an RPM Package

Use DNF to Remove an RPM Package

Users and Groups

View User Account Information

View Group Membership Information

Create a User AccountSTART LAB

Rename a User Account

Delete a User

Change Your Password

Change a User's Password

Lock and Unlock User Accounts

Rename and Create Groups

Add Users to a Group

Add a User to Additional Groups

Delete a Group and Users

Remove a User from a Group

Remove a User from All Groups

Disk and File System Management

View the MBR Partition Table

Create a Logical VolumeSTART LAB

Format a Hard Disk with ext3

Format a Hard Disk with ext4

Create a Swap Area

Mount a Volume

Unmount a Volume

Determine the Amount of Free Disk Space

Determine the Directory Size

Find the User Quota

Generate a Quota Report

Turn Quotas On

Turn Quotas Off

Edit Quotas 1

Edit Quotas 2

View Ownership Information

Change File Ownership

Change Group Ownership for a File

Change Directory Ownership

Set Directory Permissions

Add File Permissions

Set File Permissions

Enable Directory Browsing

Change the umask

Set the SUID Bit

Remove SUID and SGID Permissions

Create a Compressed tar File

Extract from tar Files

Hardware Installation

View /proc Information

Insert a Module into the KernelSTART LAB

Remove a Module from the Kernel

Processes and System Services

View Process Information

Stop a Zombie ProcessSTART LAB

Bring an Application to the Foreground

Configure Crontab

Print a File

Remove a Print Job

System Monitoring

View Log Files

Using UptimeSTART LAB


Start a NIC

Stop a NIC

Configure IP AddressesSTART LAB

Troubleshoot IP Configurations

Change Default Ports

Configure iptables

Use Ping and Traceroute

Find Path Information 1

Find Path Information 2

Troubleshoot Wireless Network Problems


Switch Users

Log Out of the SystemSTART LAB