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Free CompTIA Network+ Labs

Free CompTIA Network+ Labs
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Practice Your Skills with Real-World Lab Simulations
These labs will prepare you to pass the CompTIA Network+ N10-008 certification exam. You will gain the knowledge and skills you need to install, configure, and maintain a network for a small business. To access the free labs, enter your email above.


Explore a Single Location in a Lab

Explore Multiple Locations in a Lab

Cables and Connectors

Connect to an Ethernet Network

Connect a Cable Modem

Connect Fiber Optic Cables

Connect Patch Panel Cables 1

Connect Patch Panel Cables 2

Networking Devices

Select and Install a Network Adapter

Connect a Media Converter

Install a Hub

Select a Networking Device

Select a Router


Reconnect to an Ethernet Network

Connect Network Devices

Explore Physical Connectivity

Troubleshoot Physical Connectivity 1

Troubleshoot Physical Connectivity 2

Troubleshoot Physical Connectivity 3

Troubleshoot Physical Connectivity 4

IP Configuration

Configure IP Addresses

Configure IP Addresses on Mobile Devices

Configure Alternate Addressing

Configure a DHCP Server

Configure DHCP Options

Create DHCP Exclusions

Create DHCP Client Reservations

Configure a DHCP Client

Configure a DHCP Relay Agent

Add a DHCP Server on Another Subnet

Configure DNS Addresses

Create Standard DNS Zones

Create Host Records

Create CNAME Records

Troubleshoot DNS Records

Configure an IPv6 Address

Explore IP Configuration

Troubleshoot IP Configuration 1

Troubleshoot IP Configuration 2

Troubleshoot IP Configuration 3

Explore Network Communications

Explore nslookup

Switch Management

Configure Management VLAN Settings

Configure Switch IP Settings

Configure Switch Ports

Create VLANs

Explore VLANs

Configure Trunking

Configure the Native VLAN

Configure Allowed VLANs

Configure the Root Bridge

Configure Rapid PVST+

Find STP Info


Configure Static Routes

Enable OSPF Routing

Find Path Information 1

Find Path Information 2


Configure a Host Firewall


Appliance Access

Configure a DMZ

Configure a Perimeter Firewall

Network Customization

Configure an iSCSI Target

Configure an iSCSI Initiator

Configure VoIP 1

Configure VoIP 2

Wireless Networking

Create a Home Wireless Network

Secure a Home Wireless Network

Configure Wireless Profiles

Design an Indoor Wireless Network

Design an Outdoor Wireless Network

Implement an Enterprise Wireless Network

Secure an Enterprise Wireless Network

Optimize a Wireless Network

Explore Wireless Network Problems

Troubleshoot Wireless Network Problems

Wide Area Networks (WANs)

Configure a PPP WAN Link

Connect to a DSL Network

Network Security

Implement Physical Security

Respond to Social Engineering Exploits

Configure a VPN Connection

Configure a Mobile Device VPN Connection

Network Hardening

Configure Intrusion Prevention

Enable Intrusion Prevention

Configure Port Security

Network Management

Configure a Data Backup

Configure a Server Backup

Allow Remote Desktop Connections

Create a Guest Network for BYOD

Network Optimization

Configure NIC Teaming