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Free CompTIA Security+ Labs

TestOut Lab Simulation

Prepare for your CompTIA Security+ certification with free practice labs from TestOut. Click on any of the "START LAB" buttons from the available labs below.

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Configure a Security ApplianceSTART LAB

Install a Security Appliance

Policies, Procedures, and Awareness

Respond to Social EngineeringSTART LAB


Implement Physical SecuritySTART LAB


Prevent Zone Transfers

Configure Network Security Appliance Access

Configure a DMZ

Configure a Perimeter Firewall

Configure a Remote Access VPN

Configure a VPN Connection iPad

Configure Web Threat ProtectionSTART LAB

Configure a Wireless Network

Configure Rogue Host Protection

Harden a Wireless Network

Configure WIPS


Secure a SwitchSTART LAB

Harden a Switch

Secure Access to a Switch

Secure Access to a Switch 2

Explore VLANs from the CLI

Explore VLANs

Restrict Telnet and SSH Access

Permit Traffic

Block Source Hosts

Implement Intrusion Prevention

Scan for Vulnerabilities 1

Scan for Vulnerabilities 2

Scan for Vulnerabilities 3

Scan for Vulnerabilities 4

Configure Kerberos Policy Settings

Create Virtual Switches


Configure Windows Defender

Configure Automatic Updates

Configure Windows FirewallSTART LAB

Manage Services with Group Policy

Configure NTFS Permissions

Disable Inheritance

Configure Advanced Audit Policy

Enable Device Logs

Configure Email Filters

Secure Email on iPad

Secure an iPad

Create a Guest Network for BYOD

Create Virtual Machines


Clear the Browser Cache

Configure IE Pop-up Blocker

Enforce IE Settings Through GPOSTART LAB

Configure IE Preferences in a GPO

Implement Application Whitelisting with AppLocker

Implement Data Execution Preventions (DEP)

Create User Accounts

Manage User Accounts

Create a Group

Create Global Groups

Create a User Account

Rename a User Account

Delete a User

Change Your Password

Change a User's Password

Lock and Unlock User Accounts

Rename and Create Groups

Add Users to a Group

Remove a User from a Group

Create and Link a GPO

Configure User Account Restrictions

Configure Account Policies

Restrict Local Accounts

Secure Default Accounts

Enforce User Account Control

Configure Smart Card Authentication

Create a Fine-Grained Password Policy


Encrypt Files with EFS

Configure BitLocker with a TPMSTART LAB

Manage Certificates

Allow SSL Connections

Configure Fault-Tolerant Volumes

Back Up a Workstation

Back Up a Domain Controller