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TestOut's 3 Month Courseware Grant

The TestOut Grant allows training centers the opportunity to fully pilot our IT courses, and Microsoft Office courses for a period of up to 3 months. (Even at multiple campuses.) We only ask that it be used as one of the required components of the class curriculum during the grant period. We also provide teacher training at no charge to help them become fully aware of all the teacher’s tools available to manage their classes.

Solutions that Cater to Professional Training Centers

Our industry-leading IT certification courseware is designed to deliver:

  • More effective interactive training
  • Up-to-date Materials
  • Better pass rates
  • Better pricing/Increased profitability
  • Higher student satisfaction and stick rates
TestOut Grant for Training Centers

TestOut's Training Center Grants are perfect for institutions that need:

  • Premium instruction, with pricing that is sensitive to the bottom line. TestOut works with training centers across the US, and we understand their unique needs in the academic world. We have mastered the balance between providing courseware that gets individuals trained and certified on schedule), but at a cost that makes budgets go further and increases profit.
  • Courseware that can adapt with them. Everything has changed because of Covid 19. Training Centers need courseware that allows them to adapt their curriculum to on-campus, remote, or hybrid classes at a moment's notice. TestOut’s training can accommodate those changes in minutes.
  • Practice tests for industry certifications. Practice tests are an essential tool for preparing learners to professional IT certification exams. And yet many courseware offerings don’t include them. Ours does.
  • Curriculum tools to assist them in the classroom. Our courseware can be used as your full curriculum in your classes, or it can be used to supplement and support what you are already teaching. Plus, our practice labs take the strain off in-house computer labs and allow students to practice at home.