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Military IT Training Solutions and Discounts

For DoD 8570/8140 Compliance
Cisco CompTIA Microsoft EC-Council

Why the U.S. Military Chooses TestOut

We build the world’s most advanced IT simulation training technology, specifically designed to produce certified computer networking and cybersecurity experts. Our simulation engine replicates a $200,000 computer network and security lab, which is integrated with video instruction, text lessons, section quizzes, and certification practice exams. This all-in-one immersive training prepares service men and women for certifications required by the DoD 8570/8140 and produces knowledge and skills that will far outlast passing their exams. This ensures soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines have the expertise to fulfill their military missions, as-well-as ensure a successful transition to civilian careers.

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Military Discounts

If you are looking for a solution to train larger teams of IT specialists, we have significant discount programs specifically for military.

Army CA and ArmyIgnited - $4000 in credential assistance

That’s right! The Army Credentialing Assistance (CA) Program can pay up to $4,000 per year (up to 4 years) for courses and exams that lead to industry-recognized civilian credentials in an occupational area of your choice. You may use this program to enhance your skills, either in your current MOS, or in an occupation you would like to pursue when you leave military service. You can request CA funding for any credential listed on Army COOL.

PCPro, NetworkPro, SecurityPro and CyberDefensePro courses can be used for your Army CA requests to obtain training toward CompTIA’s A+, Network+, Security+, and CySA+ certifications. Just follow the instructions below to apply for the Army CA Program.

Army CA information can be found at this link:

Army COOL information can be found at this link:

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  • D&B (DUNS) #: 78-904-7875
  • EFIN/TIN#: 87-0505338
  • CAGE# (Defense Dept): 1QJN7
  • SIC Code: 611000
  • Primary NAICS Code: 511210
  • Secondary NAICS Code: 611420
  • Sole Sorce Letter: Download PDF

Approved Credential Assistance Programs:

ArmyUnited CA

(Credential Assistance) Program


Credentialing Opportunities On-line

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The World's Most Advanced Learning Platform for Real-World Experience

For 30 years we have been refining LabSim to be the worlds most advanced IT learning platform. We integrate instructional videos, expert demonstrations, text lessons, and practice exams with our advanced simulations. We use this platform to give troops real life scenarios to carryout, allowing them to practice the skills they have learned. This provides essential hands-on experience in a safe and secure environment before letting them work on live equipment and networks. It has also proven to be an extremely effective way to prepare people to pass certification exams that fulfill DoD requirements.

For Learners

  • Simulation Labs
  • Expert Instruction
  • Interactive Video Controls
  • Text Lessons
  • Section Quizzes and Exams
  • Certification Practice Exams
  • Performance Reports

For Instructors / Directors

  • Student Reports
  • Custom Assessment
  • Class Management
  • Data Export
  • LMS Integration
  • Auto-grading - Including an option for administration to view reporting

8 learning components for helping your troops build competency, get certified, and be mission ready

The LabSim Learning Method

After nearly 30 years of delivering IT certification training to both industry, government, and academic customers, we’ve developed a tried and proven learning methodology that best prepares students for IT certifications and career success and can be adapted to traditional, hybrid, and online learning formats.

* Both the 100% Performance-based TestOut Pro Certification & the associated Microsoft, CompTIA, Cisco, or EC Council Certification Exam(s)

Integrated hardware and software labs let personnel apply their knowledge in real-world scenarios

Our advanced labs simulate over $200,000 of integrated hardware, software, and networking equipment. Service men and women can practice configuring hardware, installing drivers, managing operating systems, and configuring network devices—all within their browser.

“The difference with our network simulations is how real they are. A small example: If you unplug a cable in the network closet, the link light goes out on the switch, the link light goes out on the computer in the office that that port communicates with, and the computer shows disconnected in the OS.”

Craig Jenkins
IT Course Production Manager
TestOut Corporation
COL (Retired)

LabSim's simulated office environment lets students complete tasks in multiple locations.

Give them a second certification when they leave your class

Included with each course is a FREE voucher for troops to take the coinciding TestOut Pro certification exam. These exams are 100% performance-based and lets individuals prove they have working skills by performing tasks in real-world situations. While these certifications are not part of the DoD 8570, they do provide a second substantial certificate that can be added to a resume for civilian careers.

Key Benefits:

  • Truly 100% performance-based exams powered by LabSim’s innovative simulation technology. No multiple-choice questions.
  • No arduous requirements for administering the exams but delivered online and scheduled by instructors or with TestOut.
  • Analytics for instructors and administration to assess certification scores and performance of individual students and classes while seeing comparisons with other scores by state, country, and worldwide

We believe TestOut Pro Certified people have learned to work in extraordinary ways as they have prepared to pass a Pro certification. We believe they have the potential to go on to accomplish remarkable things during their careers.

We are so confident in these Pro Certified individuals and the training they have received that we will back them up with a $1,000 Skills Guarantee.

If any employer finds, after hiring and putting them to work for at least 3 weeks, that they do not possess the IT skills that we have certified under the applicable Pro Certification, then we will pay that company up to $1,000.

Go to to learn more.

TestOut Course List
Office Pro
testout office pro
Prepares for:
MOS 2019 Exams
IT Fundamentals Pro
testout IT fundamentals pro
Prepares for:
CompTIA IT Fundamentals
PC Pro
testout pc pro
Prepares for:
CompTIA A+
Linux Pro
testout linux pro
Prepares for:
CompTIA Linux+
Network Pro
testout network pro
Prepares for:
CompTIA Network+
Security Pro
testout security pro
Prepares for:
CompTIA Security+
Ethical Hacker Pro
testout ethical hacker pro
Prepares for:
EC-Council Certified Ethical Hacker
Client Pro
testout client pro
Prepares for:
Windows 10
Server Pro 2016:
Install and Storage
testout server pro: install and storage
Prepares for:
Microsoft 70-740
Server 2016:
testout server pro: networking
Prepares for:
Microsoft 70-741
Server 2016:
testout server pro: identity
Prepares for:
Microsoft 70-742
Routing and
Switching Pro
testout routing and switcher pro
Prepares for:
CCNA 200-301
Prepares for D0D 8140/8570 Certification Requirements
New Course Coming 2021:
CyberDefense Pro
Prepares for CompTIA CySA+